Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting to know the National SAAC'ers

Hello readers! This is a new feature that we are going to post weekly that allows you to get to know each of the Division I National SAAC members. It is important to us that the student-athletes know about the individuals that are representing them.

Bob Nolte, swimming and diving student-athlete from Binghamton University representing the America East Conference, has created all the bios you will read. Thanks Bob!

The first post is an interview of Nick Fulton.

Nick Fulton is the D1 National SAAC representative for the Big 10 Conference and the current Chair of the committee. He spent the last year serving as the Vice-Chair. Nick graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2009 with a dual degree in Political Science and Economics. As a Swimming Student-Athlete, he competed in the 100 and 200 Backstroke events for the Badgers.

How long have you been on National SAAC?
Since Fall 2007

How did you become involved with SAAC?
I was involved in my campus SAAC as a freshman. I eventually became an officer and was lucky enough to get to go to a conference SAAC meeting. It was at that meeting that I learned about the National SAAC.

What's one cool thing your campus SAAC does that makes you unique?
We have a sister organization called SAESO - Student Athletes Equally Supporting Others - that focuses exclusively on diversity issues. We have had some great discussions come out of this relationship.

What is your favorite memory from National SAAC?
I will always remember the people. I know that is probably cheating, but really, the biggest memory I will carry on forever from National SAAC are the people that I have been so fortunate to build relationships with.

What is the best thing about being a D1 Athlete?
The best thing about being a DI Athlete is that we get to compete at the highest level possible, while being provided with an extraordinary opportunity to go to some of the best Universities in the world.

Favorite food?

Favorite TV show?
West Wing

Favorite Pro Sports Team?
Minnesota Vikings

If you could meet one person in the world, who would it be?
President Bill Clinton

Place you’ve never been that you’d love to visit?

The actor who plays you in the movie version of your life?
Ben Affleck


One interesting fact about yourself?
Ed. Note- Nick didn’t answer this question, but I thought it was too cool to pass up. Nick qualified and competed at the 2008 Olympic Swimming Trials. He’s too proud to brag, so I thought I’d do a little for him- BN

What are some of your career goals?
I hope to be an Athletic Director at a Division I school.

Check back next week when we check in with Aminah Charles of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and hear about Hampton University’s Penny Drive.

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