Thursday, October 1, 2009

Remembering Our "Head Coach"

Dr. Myles Brand will be remembered for his incessant passion for intercollegiate athletics and, more importantly, the student-athlete. From his undertakings as a university President to spearheading academic reform throughout the NCAA, Dr. Brand’s motives became increasingly clear: accountability & putting the student back in student-athlete. While we were playing our first high school games six or seven years ago, Dr. Brand was changing the academic landscape of intercollegiate athletics. Not only was he ensuring that we were prepared for our college courses, but he was also increasing the number of student-athletes that walked across the stage at graduation. He was acting as an agent of change long before most of us took the SAT's.

In our experiences with Dr. Brand, we can assure you that he was truly an advocate for student-athletes. His ability to see the big picture and articulate his answers regarding difficult topics was unmatched. No matter what the circumstance, Dr. Brand was always in our corner.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dr. Brand’s family and friends. We will truly miss Dr. Myles Brand.

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